Dr Gnanavinthan Thavanayagam (Vinnie) (Settler and Trustee)

Vinnie born and raised in Karaitivu, the same village as his wife (Anu) in
the eastern province of Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon). It was
enriched with Tamil culture and natural beauty surrounded by the sea and
paddy fields which fed the village with fresh fish, organic food and
unpolluted oxygen.
After completing his honours degrees in Engineering and Business
Administration (MBA) and working as a Group Senior Manager managing
a staff of 3,000, he emigrated to New Zealand and gained a Postgraduate
degree and PhD in Engineering which led to him being employed as a
Senior Manager in Operations in a pharmaceutical industry.
Vinnie was raised as a Hindu but in 2012 he had an encounter with Jesus and became a Christian and was
called to heal the broken hearted and eradicate child poverty globally by feeding, clothing and proving shelter
for the poor.